The Buying Process

  1. Introduction:
    • You’re introduced to your realtor, receive a Pre-Approval, and discuss potential financing options.
  2. View Properties:
    • Your Realtor will set up a MLS Search for the buyer and schedule showings of potential properties.
  3. Make an Offer:
    • Once a potential property is found, review data about market values, and review cost sheets before submitting an offer with your Realtor.
  4. Submit your Offer:
    • Once we have gone through the paperwork, educated the client on the Sales Agreement and what the additional paperwork represents, we will submit the offer to the listing agent.
  5. Negotiations / Acceptance:
    • Once the seller responds to our offer, we will either have to negotiate, revise, withdrawal, etc. until we receive and accepted agreement.
  6. Mortgage & Settlement:
    • Once the offer has been accepted, we will gather all relevant information and proceed with acquiring a mortgage and selecting a settlement company.
  7. Home Inspections:
    • Schedule your home inspection accordingly. Once completed, we will reply to these inspections by, Accepting the home “as-is”, negotiate any unforeseeable issues to be repaired, or terminate the deal.
  8. Order Appraisal:
    • Work toward mortgage commitment date. Once appraisal is completed, the house must appraise for purchase price and clear title with no conditions.
  9. Walk-Through:
    • Pre Walk-Through of home is done 4 days prior to closing and the final walk-through will be done day before or day of closing.
  10. Closing:
    • Bring certified check and photo ID to closing and officially become a home owner!